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Austin Fennacy

Founder & CEO

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Randall Lu

Backend Developer

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Karanvir Sandhu

Frontend Developer

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Martin Litre

Backend Developer

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Karlyn Dolar

User Experience

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Gun Park

Hardware Developer

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Joddy Yi

Business Development

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Kailash Jarayam

Backend Developer

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Our Advisers

Dave Bullis headshot

Dave Bullis

Strategy Consultant

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Olin Hyde headshot

Olin Hyde

CEO of LeadCrunch

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Silvia Mah

Ad Astra Co-Founder

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Our Story

              MyFitnessPal’s success is definitive proof of what we all know – if you care about losing weight, tracking what you eat is the most effective way to succeed. Their website reads, “…Medical studies prove that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to simply keep track of the foods you eat.” When it comes to health, exercise is as important as diet, and there are more Americans who lift weights than there are who diet; if that’s true, then why don’t more people track their workouts?

                Because tracking workouts sucks.

With lifting, there’s a lot more than just calories to count. Lift, sets, reps, weight, and form are some metrics that just scratch the surface. If you want to spend more time writing than lifting heavy things, go start a blog. GLXY’s inspiration comes from anyone who sets foot in a gym to get better, whether that’s better than you were day before or better than everyone else. GLXY is for athletes and coaches, for meatheads and newbies, for CrossFit and powerlifting, for young and old. You put in the work, and we’ll track everything you could plus your form, your speed, your timing, and more. That’s why GLXY exists. Know progress, no sweat.

GLXY’s most recent accomplishment was winning 1st place at UCSD’s The Entrepreneur Challenge 2018. Other notable milestones include being the only undergraduate project to be accepted into Rady’s StartR Incubator in its 5 year history, being accepted into The Basement‘s Accelerator program, taking 3rd at The Entrepreneur Challenge 2017, and having our (early stage!) prototype interviewed by ABC news.


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The Basement UCSD, 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093

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