Our Story

The story of GLXY begins with the identified problem by athletes to track workouts efficiently. The health industry is expanding, with food and exercise at its core. Tracking your diet is easy, and there are many softwares which aid this process (see MyFitnessPal). But tracking your workouts and gaining insights on your progress is challenging, because it includes a lot more data. While diet tracking is mainly focused on calorie count, workout tracking includes variables such as lift type, sets, reps, weight, form and velocity. We at GLXY aim to solve this issue by combining hardware and software to provide a platform which integrates all tools to plan, track, and view workout data.

Our Team

Austin Fennacy headshot

Austin Fennacy

Founder & CEO

Karanvir Sandhu headshot

Karanvir Sandhu

Full Stack Developer

Gun Park headshot

Gun Park

Hardware Developer


Martina Lofqvist

UX Designer

Our Advisers

Dave Bullis headshot

Dave Bullis

Strategy Consultant

Olin Hyde headshot

Olin Hyde

CEO of LeadCrunch

Silvia Mah headshot

Silvia Mah

Ad Astra Co-Founder


The company was founded in Janurary 2017 and has since partaken in various programs and competitions including;