Our smart gym equipment tracks lifts without any user input and effectively organize workout data to provide insights on athlete performance so that coaches can focus on what they do best, coaching athletes. 


Pen & Paper Belong in the Office, Not Your Gym

Do you feel Buried in Data? Unsure of how to Prioritize Assitance? Having dificulties Analyzing your Athlete's Performance?

Then try GLXY, our software provides all the necessary tools to ease your job as a coach. 



Intuitive Planning

Through GLXY, athletes are able to easily view their personal workout plan for the training session, which contain all necessary information for the various exercises to be performed.

Real Time Tracking

Coaches can track their athletes' performance throughout the workout session and receive a notification when their athletes are at risk of injury.


Data Analytics

We provide an intuitive way to visualize the data collected from athletes, in order to track performance over time.

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